Awning bring comfort and individuality outdoors. Create a versatile outdoor entertaining space with a stylish garden, with high performance fabrics and clever finishing touches. What are the benefits of awnings: keep in up to 10-20% of heat after the sun goes down under your shade for sitting out late; protect your entrance way, outdoor furniture balcony planting or guests from the elements; keep the heat out of your home, cutting down on the need for air conditioning; offer shade from summer heat and sun damage; water-resistant/proof to keep your outdoor room snug and dry; motorised, retractable and electric designs keep the effort to a minimum. 

V-Max Blinds & Curtains is pleasured to offer every customer exceptional made to measure blinds, curtains, screens, shutters and awnings that are fitted with precision and supported with excellent customer service.

V-Max Blinds & Curtains appreciate that you are choosing us V-Max Blinds & Curtains, so we will make our visit as quick and convenient as possible and we’ll always be available to answer any question before or after the blinds and curtains job is completed.

Address :
21 Ford St,
NSW 2190
Tel : 02 9150 4588

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